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Trading & Distribution

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Trading & Distribution features and functions help companies engaged in Trading & Distribution activities to address the following key business requirements in managing business margins and profitability:

  1. Setting and tracking customer credit limits and outstanding balance
  2. Maintain a separate credit limit for each customer outlet and branch
  3. Defining prices of products by specific customer, customer group, item group, cost-plus pricing, time period for time-based promotions etc.
  4. Permission and Authorization-based discounts and pricing exceptions
  5. Tracking customer sales and invoicing historical transactions
  6. Ability to create marketing campaigns for different customer groups
  7. Facility to track leads and opportunities and maintaining a communication log / history for these
  8. Profiling of prospects and customers based on dimension such as sales turnover, business group, number of employees etc.
  9. System to generate Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery Order, Sales Invoice / Proforma Invoice, Credit Note, Debit Note etc.
  10. Ability to maintain and track multiple versions of sales quotation based on pricing or other revisions
  11.  Multiple delivery / shipment addresses for each customer
  12. One-click check on profit and margin statistics for each sales invoice
  13. Facility to generate multiple invoices for single sales order
  14. Empower the outdoor / field salesforce with the use of a mobile tablet device to perform sales order taking, checking of item availability, product pictures / pricing, checking customer’s outstanding invoices and payment collection etc.
  15. Warehouse management based on multiple warehouses, locations, shelves and shelves
  16. Inventory and procurement planning capabilities based on various parameters e.g. minimum stock level, supplier / manufacturing lead time etc. System has ability to generate an automated Suggested Procurement Plan.
  17. Real-time inventory status update
  18. Automatically calculate item costing to include additional charges e.g. freight cost, insurance and handling charges.
  19. Tracking of vendor pricing for the same item over time
  20. Planning of deliveries by area by pre-assigned vehicles
  21. System to allow for planning of customer delivery routings based on the postal code
  22. Complete set of standard sales analysis and reports