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Project Management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Project Management features and functions help Project-based companies to address the following key business requirements in managing project and jobs:

  1. Utilizes the detailed estimation, planning, scheduling and costing for complete control and analysis of any project.
  2. Ability to calculate and manage Work-In-Progress (WIP) based on percentage of completion or other WIP calculation methods
  3. Managing variation orders for open projects
  4. Enables Work Breakdown Structure at line task level for material and human resource with timeline assignment
  5. Ability to track project variances from project budget
  6. Ability to copy job templates of already completed jobs for new jobs
  7. Facility to generate project schedule and project Gantt Chart
  8. System to enable users to access remotely using the web browser / client
  9. Ability to generate progressive billing / invoicing based on percentage of completion or key milestone completion
  10. Facility to track retention amount
  11. System to link procurement of materials based on project and job requirements for effective job costing
  12. Subcontracting function to enable efficient management of subcontractors in terms of job assignment and material issue