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Mobility Solutions

Gone are the days when one’s workplace could be defined within a brick-and-mortar structure. Today, businesses are 24/7, interconnected, and dynamic. To keep pace with an expeditious-transmuting work scenario and provide authentic-time insights, an ERP application needs to be mobile. Winspire Solutions gives you all the mobility and dynamism that you require to survive a transmuting marketplace. You can access ERP on tablets, mobile phones and even on Wearable Contrivances like Keenly Intellective Watches and Google Glass. In Mobility Solutions we offer Attendance tracking, Employee self-service, Barcode tracking, E-commerce.

Attendance tracking – We know there are immensely colossal number of attendance machines are available in the market. But 99% of them are not advanced enough to peregrinate with internet things. But integrating Biometric attendance system with our own ERP or subsisting payroll system or our Web predicated HR management portal is a tedious as it required hardware communication.

Employee Self-service –Employee self-service systems are being optimized for mobile more and more on convivial media-like platforms, and are often part of more astronomically immense employee engagement strategies, which can include wellness programs, apperception, learning management systems and organization-wide gregarious activities.In an increasingly competitive employee aptitude market, employee self-service technology avails to engender a positive work culture and to retain aptitude by giving workers direct control over their employment information.

Barcode Tracking – Easy to implement and potent for tracking, barcode labels can lead to astronomically immense gains in precision and productivity. Millions of companies around the world rely on barcode tracking to improve data management and accessibility, reduce costs and increment productivity. This innovative and facile-to-implement technology sanctions companies in virtually any industry to benefit.