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Microsoft 365 (Previously known as Office 365)

Microsoft 365 for Business is a premium business service we offer, yet it doesn’t come at a premium cost. You get great features such as the facility to send / receive business email right from your mobile device, share big files easily with colleagues / clients, edit word documents and see changes as the edits take place, share PPTs with stakeholders easily and carry all your business files / documents on the Microsoft Cloud for additional security and ease of access.

Key Benefits of Microsoft 365 For Business

  • Great Ease – It is simple to setup and from the intuitive web based administrative panel, you can easily add users. Every user gets the access that you have only provided them, this way your users only access what they really need to.   The Microsoft 365 for Business gets updated at the backend so you don’t have to worry about updating licenses. Each user uses the same version of it so they have all the features that everyone is using!
  • Timely and Quality Work – You and your team don’t have to wait to log in to computers to answer an important email.  They can simply log in to their outlook account from any mobile device and get their work done! You get the ease to share big files easily without the need to use any other third party application that are complicated to use. Edit Word Docs simultaneously with your team, share Power Point Presentations with anyone from your business and collaborate like a superb employee who responds quickly when time matters most.
  • Highest Security – Microsoft 365 for Business is backed up by Microsoft which is one of the world’s best IT company. Winspire Solutions understands the need for high built-in security measures for businesses just like what Microsoft 365 for business offers.