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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications that enable your organization to grow, evolve and transform. These applications unify CRM and ERP capabilities with purpose-built applications that work seamlessly together to help manage specific business functions and allow your organization to transform to meet customer needs and capture new opportunities.

Customer Engagement
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Project Automation Service

Sales and Marketing

“Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales empowers sellers with the insight, guidance and tools to drive personal engagement with their customers”.

Data-driven decisions and communicate to our teams using actual data. Everyone here is very smart, but the additional insights – based on a single shared version of the truth – make us all smarter.Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the integration of digital experience delivery and digital marketing, ecommerce, and customer support systems is paramount. This expanded partnership seems poised to capitalize on that requirement.


Key Benefits

  • Grow Business – Leverage intelligent insights and business processes to increase revenue while reducing acquisition cost.
  • Stay Focused – Reduce distractions and know where to prioritize in a fast-paced sales environment.
  • Win Faster – Close deals faster and increase revenue through sales and collaboration and productivity.

Key Capabilities

  • Actionable Insights – Derive meaning intelligence from massive amounts of complex data by delivering simple to understand and act upon insights. Insights are in context of your customer relationship so that it’s easy to focus on the right priorities and drive personal engagement.
  • Personal Engagement – Great customer engagement allows your customer to engage with you and their terms while empowering your sellers with customer behavior, trends and political value to build and develop customer relationships.
  • Customer Engagement–Automate your sales process to shorten the sales cycle, boost productivity, and reduce costs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales features a highly intuitive interface with Micros oft Office 365 – embedded capabilities.
  • Sales Performance – Delivers insight and analytics to provide real time and historical as well as predictive and proactive information. Meet objectives and achieve your goals by motivating and energizing your entire power.

Better Together

  • Field Service – Identify and create opportunities in the field for sales teams.
  • Project Service Automation – Help sales and delivery teams engage customers and deliver billable projects on time and within budgets.
  • Customer Service – Get a complete view of your customers, including activity history, key contacts, communications, and internal account discussions.
  • Operations – Gain control of the end-to-end business processes on the sell side, from prospect to cash.
  • Marketing – Enable marketing and sales to work closely to manage all prospects interactions throughout the customer journey.


Customer Service

“Every interaction matters in customer service. We help brands build advocacy and loyalty by creating effortless service experiences”.

With Unified Service Desk, our agents get immediate access to critical data so they can quickly engage with callers and address questions.


Key Benefits

  • Earn Loyalty - Provide personalized, contextual interactions on any device through the self or assisted channel of choice and convenience.
  • Empower Agents - Provide agents with intuitive access to everything they need to deliver fast, effective service – with tools that are at their fingertips on a single application. STAY AGILE.
  • Stay Agile -Adjust at the pace of business through actionable insights that anticipate the rapidly changing needs of customers and your brand.

Key Capabilities

  • Omni-Channel Engagement -Enable end-to-end customer service engagements across self and assisted service channels, including field service when there is a need for onsite help. A unified platform ensures context across channels and engagements, delivering personalized and consistent service with minimal customer effort.
  • Self-Service and Communities - Empower the increasing majority who prefer to find answers on their own through self-service and community options. Provide branded self-service options that deliver consistent, up-to-date answers and personalized information, and a community experience to connect with peers and subject matter experts.
  • Agent Enablement -Empower agents with a single, unified experience to speed resolution and provide differentiated levels of support. A role-tailored experience delivered through a single dynamic interface contextually serves up the tools, guidance and data agents need to provide a more personalized, effective standard of service.
  • Unified Knowledge -Equip customers and frontline staff with a definitive single source of truth through unified knowledge. Ensure knowledge is relevant by capturing and publishing across your content channels while measuring impact and opportunities to grow your knowledge base through rich analytics.
  • Service Intelligence -Identify trends, anticipate opportunities and gain insights using rich analytics. Explore what-if scenario’s and forecast outcomes through interactive charts and powerful data visualization capabilities. Our solution empowers employees at every level of the organization to have a positive and meaningful impact on business outcomes.

Better Together

  • Sales - Provide your agents with the ability to upsell and cross-sell – and the tools to execute on the opportunity.
  • Field Service -Extend service to the field when there is a need for onsite help.
  • Project Service Automation -Capitalize on the new service economy with a single system of engagement for professional engagements.
  • Customer Insights -Capture and display big data insights in a way business users can consume and act on the data.


Field Service

“Empowers companies to improve customer satisfaction, first time fix rates, and resource productivity”.

When we chose Dynamics, the winning factor was the Field Service and workforce management capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Customer First -Keep the customer informed during every interaction of the service chain to increase brand loyalty and advocacy.
  • Connected Interactions -Provide employees and technicians with 360⁰ information, from any location to improve resource productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Empower Organizations -Improve profitability by optimizing schedules and use remote troubleshooting so a technician is dispatched only when necessary.

Key Capabilities

  • Service Agreements -Improve customer satisfaction with reliable service through predictable service delivery. Flexible service schedules can be recurring if needed. Maintain accuracy of service contracts, warranties, and installed products across customers, geographies, and locations. Easily meet service expectations and create customer loyalty.
  • Schedule and Dispatch Optimization -Help your team schedule appointments and dispatch the right resources. Use manual, assisted, or fully automated, optimized scheduling to create the best schedule. Drag and drop and map-enabled scheduling simplifies the time consuming and complex task. It’s easy to fit more appointments into each day and ensure the best person is always scheduled. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service Empowers companies to improve customer satisfaction, first time fix rates, and resource productivity.
  • Inventory Management -Synchronize inventory, set re-order points and track inventory even down to the truck level to drive efficiency and productivity. Manage your inventory across locations, including warehouses, depots, and trucks. Accurate inventory ensures you can better track your service stock for fewer write-offs, create better forecasts, and improve first time fix rates.
  • Mobile -Enable technician productivity with real time and offline information about the customer, case, and even resolution instructions. Work orders are linked to case history, parts information, product configurations, pricing, and more to ensure technicians can solve the problem and keep customers happy.
  • Connected Field Service -Detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues remotely so a technician is dispatched only when necessary. Know about problems and solve them at minimal cost before customers are aware of the issues. Remote troubleshooting and proactive problem solving help improve customer satisfaction and resource productivity.
  • Customer-Centric Experience -Give customers a complete view of upcoming and past cases through a customer portal, share a photo and live map of their technician enrooted, and send updates via SMS and phone call. Keep your customers informed by putting them at the center of all service interactions.


Better Together

  • Sales - Technicians can identify and create opportunities in the field for sales teams.
  • Project Service Automation - Use the same resource pool for short or long term projects.
  • Customer Service - Accept customer concern calls through phone, email, social, or chat.
  • Operations – Automate warehouse processes.
  • Marketing - Technicians can update customer information to deliver more personalized content.

Project Automation Service

“Enables project-based organizations to deliver every customer engagement on-time and within-budget through an end-to-end solution for sales, planning, resourcing, delivery, and billing”.

Using Project Service Automation combined with Field Service and Portal will allow us to manage all our business processes in Dynamics 365. It will doubtlessly improve our processes.

Key Benefits

  • Deepen Engagement - Cultivate trusted customer relationships using a predictable customer-responsive engagement model to deliver consistently value-add successful projects.
  • Empower Teams - Cultivate trusted customer relationships using a predictable customer-responsive engagement model to deliver consistently value-add successful projects.
  • Optimize Growth -Prioritize innovations in service offerings based on actionable insights and industry trends by fostering a culture of making informed and timely investments.


Key Capabilities

  • Opportunity Management - Provide integrated sales dashboard with project-based opportunities to help forecast profitability and feasibility. Streamline sales manager experience to quickly create project contracts, track labor rates and generate SOWs. Collaborate real-time with customers on the quotes, project scope and resource requirements through customer portals.
  • Project Planning -Make it easy for sales manager to visualize cost, effort, and sales value with project managers to estimate and define the work using standard project templates. Use robust project scheduling and management capabilities of Microsoft Project to complement the collaborative sales planning process.
  • Resource Management -Optimize resource assignment through a consolidated scheduling engine across all modes of service to ensure right people on the right projects. Simplify engagement across project managers, resource managers and sub-contractors to forecast demand, talent management and resource allocation. Empower consultants to apply directly for relevant project roles, and update skills through mobile devices.
  • Team Collaboration -Provide powerful, easy-to-use, mobile-ready Office 365 productivity tools for project teams, customers, and partners to communicate and collaborate on project deliverables and tasks. Empower project managers by providing real-time status and performance indicators to mitigate project risks.
  • Time and Expense Management -Simplify management, tracking and submission of estimated and billed project time by integrating the tasks and deliverables within calendars. Track all project and non-project schedules on their device or app of choice through integration between exchange and project calendars.
  • Customer Billing -Provide project managers and customers a one-stop-shop dashboard to review, override, track overruns and approve all costs and time impacting their projects. Automate generation, approval, and distribution of accurate invoices in email and on the web. Enable integration with best-in-class back-office applications for financial accounting.
  • Service Analytics -Anticipate business opportunities, optimize solution offerings, and improve business performance through robust analytics, interactive dashboards, role-base templates, and data visualization for 360o visibility to project and portfolio metrics like resource utilization and practice profitability.

Better Together

  • Sales - Enable both product and project sellers to collaborate on pursuits and proposals using a client-centric approach.
  • Field Service - Extend a reactive break-fix customer experience to value-add multi-day project engagements.
  • Operations - Support a centralized, consolidated and reconciled sales through financial management experience.
  • Customer Service - Capitalize on the new managed service economy to become integral part of your customers’ journey.
  • Customer Insights - Capture and display big data insights in ways service delivery leaders can anticipate customer needs.
Finance & Operations

Better manufacturing through connected operations

Whatever its through faster response times, higher quality products, or exceptional customer service and relationship building-manufacturers are being asked to show a higher value proportion to their markets than ever before. To maintain a competitive advantage, manufacturers require flexibility in their operations and must continually drive innovation-not only in the market place but also in how they do business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations provides manufacturers a solution that is architected with flexibility and change in mind, built with operational excellence at its core, and focused on allowing you to drive innovation and be the market leader. It also gives business the flexibility to grow at their pace through the choice and flexibility of the Microsoft Cloud, allowing them to scale their operations globally to meet business needs.


Core Product Deep Dive

  • Production - Minimize lead times, fulfill customer demand, and manage your resources to get greater efficiency from your discrete, process, and lean manufacturing operations. Use real-time data to track production progress, get more accurate delivery dates, and reduce costs. Execute multiple production strategies, including configure-to-order, assemble- to-order, make-to-stock, and make-to-order. Use both push and pull production control mechanisms. In this new release, and taking advantage of the new enhanced UI, we are introducing a new concept called “Workspaces” with the goal of connecting people with data and processes to make better decisions.
  • Supply Chain Management - Connect sales and purchasing processes with logistics, production, and warehouse management to provide visibility and management throughout the supply chain. Manage distributed organizations with inter-company and multi-site capabilities.
  • Procurement and Sourcing - Facilitate direct and indirect procurement of goods and services and establish a centralized buyer capability across your organization to support procurement policies and processes. In this area, we are adding two new workspaces to provide better access to the information required to manage during the purchase order preparation and the order receipt and follow-up.


  • Workspaces - In this new release, and taking advantage of the new enhanced UI, we are introducing a new concept called “Workspaces” with the goal of connecting people with data and processes to make better decisions. The newly added workspaces include Environmental Manager, Operations Manager, Production Manager, and Shop Supervisor.
  • Material and Capacity Planning -Optimize production and materials planning, forecasting, and scheduling. Simultaneously schedule materials and capacity. Calculate available-to-promise (ATP) and capable- to-promise (CTP) deliveries. Plan and execute routing and operations. Use finite or infinite planning.
  • Production Scheduling and Sequencing -Use finite or infinite scheduling, forward and backward from various dates. Quickly (re)schedule jobs and simulate alternatives by dragging Gantt chart items. Resolve scheduling overloads by reassigning operations to alternate work centers. Optimize scheduling across the organization with a unified resource model and scheduling engine. Improve machine utilization by combining similar products while letting customers request multiple quality specifications per product (product batch sequencing).
  • Resource Management -Schedule and track material, shop, and manpower resources. Plan resources based on production activities and capabilities of resources. Types of resources can be tool, machine, vendor, location, and human resource. Resource allocation principles include resource requirement types: resource (group), type, capability, skill, course, certificate, and title.
  • Subcontracting -Manage various ways of partnering with subcontractors, including outsourcing of route operations, vendor- supplied items, and item provisioning to subcontractors. Link subcontractor purchase order (PO) to production order.
  • Production Bill of Materials (BOM, formulas, recipes) -Create a bill of materials for production including phantoms using a graphical BOM designer. Modify and track individual line items. Manage multilevel formulas or recipes, co-products, and byproducts. Use version control to release the right BOM and electronic signatures to track changes.
  • Routing -Manage routing: Plan simple, sequential, and complex networks; use simultaneous routes in the same network. Use rough-cut capacity and detailed scheduling capabilities. Organize the shop floor into logical production units at individual sites.


“Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent is for human resource professionals who want to strategically attract, engage, and optimize talent to achieve high-impact, sustainable business results”.

Dynamics 365 for Talent begins to take full advantage of integration with LinkedIn, and is startling easy to use…it will help us empower our employees around the world to be better informed, more connected and more productive.

Key Benefits

  • ATTRACT INNOVATE TALENT ACQUISITION - Promote your employer brand to create a compelling recruiting experience that accelerates candidate pipeline growth, anticipates workforce requirements, shortens the time-to-fill roles, and lands top-tier candidates.
  • EMPOWER IGNITE EMPLOYEE SUCCESS - Foster engagement and growth across the talent journey to create a more responsive digital workplace that empowers employees to do their best work, drives productivity, increases job satisfaction, and reduces turn-over and replacement costs.
  • OPTIMIZE DRIVE OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE- Put people at the center of digital transformation to create streamlined processes and effective programs that optimize workforce costs, deliver business impact, and drive an agile, high performance culture.

Key Capabilities

  • STREAMLINE HR PROGRAMS - Design high-performance experiences across the talent journey to create engaged, agile and successful teams that drive business growth. Easily set up and simplify your HR programs, including personnel and organizational management, benefits and compensation, health and safety and business process administration
  1. Reduce administrative tasks with self-service.
  2. Get insights for the right action with people analytics.
  3. Simplify compliance to global regulations.
  4. Deliver a cost-effective and connected programs.
  • HIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLE-Attract the right talent, streamline the interview process and get better insights into hiring pipelines. The result is great hires in less time and at a fraction of the cost.
  1. Find and source top candidates with LinkedIn.
  2. Create accurate candidate profiles.
  3. Coordinate calendars and automate interview scheduling.
  4. Collaborate easily from mobile devices or desktops.
  5. Shorten time and cost to hire.
  • SET EMPLOYEES UP FOR SUCCESS-Enable a seamless employee onboarding experience to accelerate the productivity and impact of new hires.
  1. Welcome new hires with a personalized pre-boarding and onboarding experience.
  2. Share critical resources and relevant documents.
  3. Outline milestones and task lists.
  4. Identify LinkedIn connections to quickly build relationships across the company.
  5. Easily monitor success.

Better Together

  • Retail - Drive retail operations and delight customers with exceptional shopping experiences.
  • Field Service - Turn service calls into a strategic advantage with super-charged scheduling and predictive services.
  • Customer Insights - Get relevant insights to better understand and engage with customers.
  • Finance and Operations - Provide global scalability and digital intelligence to help you grow at your pace.

Sales - Turn relationships into revenue by bringing digital intelligence into each deal.