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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is Microsoft’s most robust business Enterprise Resource Planning  ( ERP) for medium  to large organizations. A comprehensive manufacturing, financial and retail solution, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations helps organizations manage complex operations and automate extensive business processes across departments and locations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations provides a complete solution for:

  • Financial management and reporting

Increase the speed and reliability of your financial processes. In implementing these functions ( GL, AR, AP, Budgeting etc) which are closely interwoven with the project management and expense management modules, you will have the tools for effective financial decisions.

  • Distribution and warehousing

Manage distribution and warehousing using simple  or advanced solutions that match your company’s needs. Dynamics 365 allows you to oversee and automate warehouse activities and choose the most efficient transportation for inbound and outbound goods.

  • Procurement and sourcing

Control all levels of purchasing process with a system that allows you to customize purchasing policies and workflows to your specific business needs. Connect this module with inventory management, product information management and other relevant modules to maximize informational value.

  • Manufacturing

Streamline your manufacturing activities with a fully integrated system featuring elite master planning and demand forecasting generation. Whether you are working in discrete, process or lean manufacturing Dynamics 365 allows you to make fully informed production decisions.

  • Retail and commerce

Sell your products and services using omni-channel solution. Features include the most up-to-date point of sale capabilities, e commerce functions and customer care abilities that emphasize mobility accessibility and global reach.

  • Project management and accounting

Plan and execute company projects from beginning to end with the tools to create quotes and contracts, manage costs and assign tasks to your employees based on their skillsets. The results: maximized profitability.

  • Expense Management

Allows users to  attach photos of receipts to expense line using the mobile app and  enables organizations to make efficient expense management by using work flows. 

  • Human Capital Management (HR)

Optimize your available human capital with comprehensive employee information, benefits management and control over organizational structure. With right tools for recruitment, onboarding , retention and skills improvement, you can assemble the best team for your business.

  • Planning and scheduling

 Allows optimal management of production planning and scheduling.The Gantt chart enables the production planners to control and optimize the production plan.

  • Product information management

Create and define your products at al layers of information, from the bill of material and categorization to sales order processing. This module includes the ability to automate product variant configuration, giving you and your employees more time to focus on the big picture.

  • Cost management

Exercise complete control over your inventory costing, standard costs, manufacturing costing and predetermined costs with flexible system you can closely integrate with inventory management , production, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

  • Business intelligence and reporting

Make the best business decisions with Power BI, which  weaves together information from  big data, advanced analytics and IoT with data gathered from multiple sources, your reports will provide a holistic view of where you are and what actions you should take. Highlighted features include advanced drill-down capabilities and functionality across all modules.

  • Organization administration

Promote organizational cohesion with a module encompassing workflow, case management, organizational hierarchy etc.

  • Lifecycle Services

Ensure that implementation, updates and upgrades to your application unfold smoothly and predictably. This automated and proactive set of functions streamlines the implementation process , allowing to quickly realize business value.

  • Mobility

Run business processes on the go with the Dynamics 365 mobile app. By accessing and working with business data on their mobile device , your employees can increase productivity in a dynamics range of environments and contexts.

  • Country/ Region Specific functionality

Use Dynamics 365 to do business from anywhere in the world. International capabilities include multi-currency, multi-language, localization( Tax), electronic reporting.

  • and more…